Thermique et Instrumentation de Méditerranée




 Air - Water - Oil cooling for diesel engines, transformers and compressors.


- Supercharging air coolers (to be installed after thermal engine turbochargers)


- Multitubular heat exchangers


- Ribbed radiators and air coolers

We design and manufacture industrial cooling towers fitted with electric motors fans.

Water/Air, Oil/Air, Water/Oil exchangers

Our equipment is made of copper metals, carbide steel, stainless steel, light alloys

End users

- EDF           Nuclear plants


- SNCF        Traction


- DCN          Energy


- EDF           Oil Transformers


- ......




Thousands of our supercharging air coolers are used on diesel engines ranging from 200 to 6000 HP.


With the years, we have come up with a range of approximately one hundred standard appliances likely to provide immediate solution to most problems.


The coolers include :

>>A stack of copper fins and round tubes of material and dimensions selected in relation to cooling fluid flow rate and aggressiveness. The fins are brazed on the tubes. Sealing is provided by tube rolling onto the manifolds.

>>A mono bloc or assembled casing, normally made of iron.

>>Two water tanks which material is also selected in relation to the corrosive level of the fluid used.


Thermal efficiency ranges between 90 and 98%.


Some coolers operate on high working pressures of about :

- 50 bars for cooling fluid.

- 8 bars for turbo compressed air.




Due to its modular design, this family of heat exchangers offers a range of over 140 000 combinations.


They can solve most heat exchange problems between pressurized fluids (oils, fuel, fresh water, sea water) at flowrates of 10 to 280m³/hr and in most adverse conditions.


Applications include :

>>Oil and water system cooling on diesel engines

>>Lubricating oil system cooling ( gearboxes, reduction gears,…)

>>Hydraulic system cooling

>>Immersion oil cooling (transformers, circuit-breakers,…)


These exchangers include :

>>A very compact expanding stack (up to 370m² surface area per m³ stack) made up of round tubes of varying number (47 to 1007), diameter (4.2/5 to 10/12) and material depending on operating criteria and performance requirements,

>>A shroud assembly

>>Two tanks of purposely designed material and protection.


Exchange rates approximate :

>>10 kW/m²/°C ( water/water)

>>2 kW/m²/°C (oil/water).




These achieve optimum size/performance ratios through an advanced technology of fins and staggered rectangular tubes which increases thermal efficiency and reduces head loss on air.


Use of standard sets – 4 fin widths (59-78-97-116mm) cut to varying lengths and paired with tube lengths ranging between 320 and 2000 mm- allows multiple combinations which can be associated in series or in parallel with one or two L.T or H.T curtains.


The cooling elements include :

>>A stack of cooper fins and oval shaped tubes ; tube/fin and tube/manifold junctions are brazed,

>>Two tanks assembled by brazing or by a bolted flange,

>>Shrouds and side plates made of treated steel and arc spot welded.


Water or oil cooling elements can be assembled on request to frames incorporating fans to produce complete units meeting specific requirements.The thermal flux released by the highest performance unit of the range reaches 1500 kW (1 300 000 Kcal/hr). The corresponding water flowrate is 400 m³/hr.